Ferrari Scuderia Spider M16, the Cavallino celebrates its sixteenth world championship

After the great success of the F430, the Cavallino engineers decide to launch an open variant of the model, with the intention of celebrating the sixteenth Constructors' title won by the Maranello team in F1 in 2008. Precisely for this reason, on 9 November 2008 the Cavallino presents the new car, the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M.

The abbreviation 16M indicates the sixteen world championships won.

The Scuderia Spider 16M is the new open performance sports car with a mid-rear eight-cylinder engine, designed to merge the great technological innovations introduced with the F430 Scuderia, and the thrill of driving an F430 Spider-style open car.

The Scuderia Spider 16M can count on the numerous tools that make the F430 Scuderia unique: the F1-SuperFast2 gearbox, the E-DIFF AND F1-TRAC technologies, the Racing-type throttle, up to the aerodynamics, with attention to every small detail, and perfectly integrated into the car's design, without compromising efficiency in any way.

On the Scuderia Spider 16M, therefore, we find the rear diffuser designed with a new shape, intended to guarantee a reduction in resistance and, at the same time, an increase in vertical load. The effectiveness of the new rear diffuser derives from the specific nolder on the bonnet and from the air vents that go from the wheel arch to the rear bumper, thus generating the washing effect (patent of the Base Bleed, developed by Ferrari in the FXX project) of the overpressure in the wheel compartment .

There is also the new sill, which allows for a more uniform pressure distribution on the bottom, guaranteeing a greater vertical load evenly distributed between front and rear. This results in a significant increase in vertical downforce, obtaining values ​​of 75 kg at 150 km / h, to over 300 kg at maximum speed.

The Scuderia Spider 16M is made in 499 unique specimens, dedicated to passionate customers and strongly linked to the Cavallino.

The Scuderia Spider 16M joins the current eight-cylinder mid-rear engine models. This car is easily recognizable from the outside thanks to the specific livery available in two variants: the basic configuration is black with a gray outline, but alternatively the tricolor livery is available in the Carrozzeria Scaglietti customization catalog.

Also on the rear grille is the commemorative plaque of the sixteenth Constructors' Championship won by Ferrari in Formula One. As for the interior, the Limited Series plate made of silver and positioned in the center of the dashboard above the air vents was inserted to mark the car's exclusivity.

Additional exclusive features are the roll bar with carbon outer shell and the specific latest generation audio system which can be combined with the removable Ferrari customized 16 GB iPod Touch with housing on the central dashboard sail.

From a technical point of view, the Scuderia Spider 16M was designed to have a dry weight of 1340 kg (-80 kg compared to the F430 Spider), and thanks to the power of 510 HP delivered by the V8 engine and a power to weight ratio of 2.6 kg/hp, ensures phenomenal performance: from 0 to 100 km/h acceleration occurs in just 3.7 seconds and can reach a top speed of 315 km/h.



90° V8 type

Bore and stroke 92x81 mm

Unit displacement 539 cm³

Total displacement 4.308 cm³

Compression ratio 11.9:1

Maximum power 375.4 kW (510 hp) at 8,500 rpm

Maximum torque 470 Nm (47.3 kgm) at 5,250 rpm

Dimensions and weights

Length 4.512 mm

Width 1,923 mm

Height 1,216 mm

Wheelbase 2,600 mm

Front track 1,669 mm

Rear track 1,616 mm

Dry weight 1,340 kg

Curb weight 1,440 kg

Weight distribution 43% front - 57% rear

Fuel tank capacity 95 liters

Boot compartment capacity 250 liters

Electronic controls and gearbox

CST systems with F1-Trac (stability and traction control)

F1 Superfast gearbox - Electroactuated 6-speed + RM


Maximum speed 315 km/h

From 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds

Dry weight/power ratio 2.6 kg/hp

Consumption and emissions

Combined (ECE + EUCD) 15.7 liters/100 km

Combined (ECE + EUDC) 360 g/km

Simone Pietro Zazza